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  Shandong Hongshengda Plate Co., Ltd. has been growing for many years and made significant achievement after years of hard working. It has developed from a small-scale company in the early days into one of the large-scale companies in the coated and galvanized industries in the north region of Yangtze River. We have been struggling relentlessly and persistently. We hereby extend our gratitude to all walks of life for their great support and selfless love, and all employees for their hard work in various positions. Work practically and seriously, treat people tolerantly and sincerely, keep up with the times, strive for R&D and innovation, and always pursue improvement. This is the fundamental principle of Hongshengda people, and the motto for continuous development of Hongshengda. Faith moves mountains. We will continue our efforts in creating a warm and open win-win atmosphere for sincere cooperation. Welcome to visit us for common development and brilliance!